Afternoon Tea 4.22.09

Margiela’s starting a home line!  Chairs made with molds of the human bottom half, lamps made with empty bottles.  {Kanye}

in Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tigers’ media co-ordinator Daya Master and a top interpreter, George (no last name) surrendered to the military.  The army hopes that “it will be a major setback for the rebel leadership.” {BBC}

The acting CFO of Fredie Mac, David Kellermann was found dead in his home this morning.  Now police are saying that it may be a suicide.  I am feeling extreme guild for wanting to make a dark joke. SMH. {CNN}

The more shit that comes up re: the Bush administration approved interrogation techniques, the more we cringe.  Yesterday a 232-page report was released that detailed the interrogations made by the military.  Apparently the report relinquishes former claims that Donald Rumsfeld had nothing to do with the interrogation methods.  Stay tuned. {NYT}

Happy Earth Day ladies.  Hug a tree!  It might not hug you back, but at least it won’t lie to you.

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