Afternoon Tea 4.23.09

In South Africa the ANC is leading the election. {AJ}

Lil Wayne appeared in NY court today for gun possession charges that went back to a 2007 arrest.  There’s some shady-ness between the arresting officers’ report and the detective’s report. He’s expected to appear in court again on May 20.  Stay tuned. {MTV}

A new molecule has been formed in nature.  It’s called a Rydberg and occurs when two atoms (a Rydberg atom and a “normal” atom) bond. {BBC}

Cannes film festival, set for May 13, just announced its line up.  Look for Tarantino, Almodóvar, Cruz (Penelope), Pitt, Loach, Ledger, etc. {Guardian}

World Wide Women’s Wear Digest (WWWWD) is a magazine that makes fun of the fashion industry news the way the Onion clowns news headlines.  It’s going to be biweekly beginning May 4.  That’s hot. Loves it!  Wants it. {NYMag}

Bobbi is channeling Lynard Skynard “Free Bird.”

image credit: AL Jazeera

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