Afternoon Tea 4.24.09


I’ve become hooked on Keeping Up With the Kardashians! I love Khloe, she’s hilarious. She and her sister Kourtney are getting their own show!  Kourtney and Khloe in Miami debuts in August 2009. {AJ}

I am having recession fatigue.  Does anyone care that Ford had a $1.4 Billion loss this quarter? Anyone? {NYT}

The Taliban announced that they’re withdrawing from Buner in Pakistan, an area of “deep concern” for the United States.  They should be gone by Saturday.  Uh what’s going on? Are they trying to fake us out. {BBC}

At Coachella a man took off his wizard clothes and the police tased him!  Watch this video. First it’s funny then really disturbing. I love drunk people.  I hate the cops (sometimes).  NSFW. {Swarm}

Warm weekend!  Whoohoo!!

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