Afternoon Tea 4.27.09

In Sri Lanka, the government continues to fight the Tamil Tigers but decided to stop using heavy weapons and air strikes against the rebels in areas where “civilians are still trapped.”   Meanwhile the Tamil Tigers have around 50,000 people trapped, according to the UN. {NYT}

U.S. Journalist Roxana Seberi, 31, was sentenced to eight years in prison in Iran for espionage.  She’s on a hunger strike until she’s released. {CNN}

Funny Lady and Golden Girl, Bea Arthur died of cancer on Saturday at 86.  {E!}

Last week the Streets released three songs on Twitter.  Here are three more songs. {Stereogum}


A Blip on a Screen

See If They Salute

A Long Working Day

Bobbi is 26!!!

Image credit: NYTimes

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