Afternoon Tea 4.30.09

The Models have Twitted.  NYC fashion slaves, Chanel Iman and Sessile Lopez will be shooting in Times Square today. Yep that’s right, change of plans. {Fash}

Japan’s Toyota City is starting feel the crumble of the auto industry, with Toyota Motor’s it’s first annual net loss in 59 years. They may be following in the original motor city Detroit’s footsteps, originally an aspiration of TC, now a dread. {NYT}

After six years, Britain is pulling out of Iraq one month before the originally set date. {BBC}

I recently got put on to this electronic dance duo Passion Pit from Boston.  They’re album Manners drops in a few weeks, and wacky UK’s DJ/Producer Calvin Harris (The Girls) remixed their lead single “The Reeling” to make it a little more funky.  Me Likey, although the intro to the original track is a lot more fun. {Stereogum}

Bobbi is listening to Ali Farka Touré and painting her crib today.  Purple stripes anyone? Wish me luck.

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