Annie the Chicken Queen: Racist or Not?

Black people and fried chicken.  It’s a relationship that some of us are guilty of having.  It’s like the side piece that we reserve for late nights and refrain from showing too much affection in the company of others.  But why? Everyone loves fried chicken, right?  Popeyes recently released this ad featuring their newest spokesperson, Annie the Chicken Queen and they have everyone in the blogosphere claiming racism.  Is it because she’s southern and a brown-skinned black woman? Is it because she’s named “Annie, the Chicken Queen”–as if she just can’t just be Annie Johnson or Annie Washington?   If Annie was a Paula Dean-type character, this wouldn’t be an issue.  But we have deep rooted issues with our relationship with fried chicken that will never go away–with or without Barack Obama.  Hey, Berlineska just wrote about her struggles with Berlin’s Obama Chicken Fingers and just last week, two New York restaurants caused a stir for re-naming their fried chicken spots Obama Fried Chicken.   Will we ever get over it and  just accept that fact that black people–like everyone else–love fried chicken or will the negative stereotypes of previous years continue to haunt us forever?  What do you think?

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