Annoyance vs. Good Sex

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Here are two common conversations:

Girl 1 to Girl 2: He’s an asshole!

Girl 2 to Girl 1: I know, but he lays it down…


Guy 1 to Guy 2: She’s annoying as fuck!!!

Guy 2 to Guy 1: She handles her business though dog…

Obviously there are varying degrees of being a jerk or an annoyance, but in both cases most people will tolerate either of these unsatisfactory qualities at times for a good piece of sex.

Back in February, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s violent incident the night before the Grammy’s  revealed some interesting paradigms about the culture of relationships. A girl from a third world country and a dude from rural Virginia fall in love and their ghetto passion drives them into an ugly, unhealthy circumstance that they both seem to want to tolerate. Is it the sex or the fact that violence might be normal for them? Maybe both.

C. Brown admitted in a previous interview that his mom was abused by her ex-husband, Chris’ stepfather, so when a woman pushes him too far he gives her a two-piece and a biscuit. Rihanna’s team’s reaction to the incident, instead of telling the public the truth, was to try and figure out how to tell everyone that she was in a car accident. That didn’t work.

Then Rihanna’s dad was quoted as saying, ‘Chris is immature and needs help, this was an unfortunate incident.’ What???!!! Your beautiful daughter just got lumped up and this is what you say? Either dad often “bops” Rihanna’s mom, or moms is “bopping” dad. Before February, Rihanna was seen putting her hands on Chris…so was she clawing at him on the eve of the Grammy’s and he reacted and bruised her up? I think so.

Still, after the incident, the couple goes on vacation together to giggle, have a few beverages, some sun and…do what do most people do in a relaxing environment, have some sex!

For the record, Chris is wrong.

He’s an asshole and Rihanna is annoying, yet the sex clearly brings them back together. I hear what you’re thinking…”but Richard, they’re are in love!”


They aren’t old enough to know what the fuck love even is. At the end of the day, C.Brown and Rihanna are young, hot and wanna have sex! But I will say this, if in five years they are still together then I will concede to them “being love.” But in the short term? Negative!

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Hello Parlour. I’m Richard M Down, better known as Dick M Down, a grown-ass man living in New York City. I’m a blend of conscious hip-hop fan, corporate executive, gentleman of necessity and a healthy proponent of essential ignorance. I’m here to inject some testosterone into Parlour. Ya’ll chicks need it! By my assessment of relationships, neither women or men are stupid, but some definitely act let like it by letting their emotions override their logic. So, I’m here to help…maybe.