At Least The Building Looks Good

The Yankees opened their new stadium with a series against a team that was projected to win the AL Central-the Cleveland Indians. Long gone from my radar, evidently they had put together a team over the off-season that was going to be a real contender.

Thing is, they stumbled out of the gate-losing five in a row before recording their first win, so of course, many Yankee fans-still high off the CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Mark Texiera signings this winter thought that for sure this would be a quick and easy series, punctuated by pomp, circumstance, and wins.

Unfortunately, the Indians didn’t get the memo, and what actually happened was a four game split that left the Yankees thoroughly embarrassed, fans wondering, and other players thinking that this new park might be a ringer.

Of course, had the home runs been hit by Yankee’s, there would be a totally different response. Fans would be talking about how great the hitters are, anticipating A-Fraud’s return and pontificating about how many home runs he would hit in the new building.

Instead, everyone seems to be scrambling for an answer or reasons why, and none of them are good.

Over the past few years, the Yankees have gotten off to a notoriously slow start. It didn’t hurt them in 1998-after starting off 1-4 they went on to win the World Series.

That was 11 years ago though, and it doesn’t look that way for this team. One has to wonder if the Babe’s spirit didn’t make the move across the street or something. Chien Ming Wang has a 34.90 era through three starts.

The bullpen is more Gemini than I am-great one night, lousy the next. Nady is lost for the foreseeable future, as is the insurance that was Nick Swisher on the bench. He’s probably really happy to be starting though. I won’t bring up Cody Ransom, but suffice it to say that even I don’t mind if A-Fraud comes back a few days early.

In spite of all of this-please do yourself a favor and make a trip uptown this summer. The park is so beautiful it’s scary, and outdoes just about every other park I’ve been to in every way, except for that whole-the other team might hit more home runs thing. It looks like the original stadium only better, and the boxes and restaurants are fabulous.

I’m glad it’s baseball season, this is the time of year when things are a little more exciting to me in the sports world, and I stop pining for football. I’ll be at as many games as time and ticket hook ups permit, and I’ll be sure to take in a few games as I did the first time I went to the old stadium-with my school friends, in the middle of the day, in the bleacher seats.

I heart baseball!


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