Bisexuality Is The New Black?

Ok, i’m convinced that the new 2009 hustle for girl celebtarts is: 1) New Hair, 2) a Herve Leger dress, 3) Veneers and 4) ‘Surprise Girlfriend’. I’m so serious, bisexuality is in season and is on fire! It seems that Chris Brown’s new rumoured  boo, Natalie Mejia, also has a seemingly camerashy girlfriend…taking a page out of the Kanye/Amber book are we? Of course C-Breezy’s camp denies the jump-off connection, but it seems that Mejia has received a little shine and doesn’t plan to budge from it anytime soon, which is understandable since her singing group like…sucks. My guess is that we have moved beyond sex tapes and are now using sexual preferences to get camera time, but anything is better than flashing the vadge when getting out of cars…even if she really is truly bi, which is fine, she get’s no love for being tacky.

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