Broken Hearted and It Feels Sooo Good

ingrid - berlinThe Crémant bubbles kicked it off but it was the late night antics that really did me in and exactly 24 hours later, sober and alert, I wondered who, what, when, where…oh, yesss :-)… It was last night’s Broken Hearts Club party set in Ballhaus Berlin, one of the city’s historic social clubs built in 1905 housing local music and dance lovers. So, it wasn’t the early night sparkling wine that did me in, it was what followed – late night dance, drink, dance, dance, drinkitydrinkdraaankdrunk. So what perfect way to cut straight to what’s been cooking on Parlour Magazine‘s Berlin side.
Last week I spent the afternoon over lunch with Berlin’s Broken Hearts Club party series creator, Ingrid Junker Subon. Sitting pretty in a Mitte cafe over salads, pastry and Bionade (Hollunder flavor, thank you very much), I got down with some questions for Subon, who’s an art directer and conceptual design fashionista by day and music aficionada heartbreak girl by night.

Broken Hearts Club started in 2005 at 8MM bar in Berlin-Mitte. Originally from Bad Homburg, Ingrid spent nine years in London town studying fashion design, where she grew a taste for the UK’s fresh sounds, specifically indie rock and electro. Leaving London for Berlin with her then-boyfriend, Ingrid returned to Germany but eventually ended up parting ways with her boy. But the all-too-familiar “ouch, my heart hurts so much” break-up took a surprising twist with an awesome parting gift – Ingrid used the healing time to reacquaint herself with totally sappy, loveless, hopeless, heart-wrenching songs, which she played on repeat and it felt so good. Then Ingrid a.k.a. ‘DJ nama’ started putting on her first Broken Hearts Club or ‘BHC’ parties, with her partners Niki Pauls and Conny Opper, where she spun everything from the sappiest sappy to uptempo wallow-in-my-shit tracks. Eureka! It took the Berlin party circuit by storm and today the BHC party series lives in our city and pops into Paris for Fashion Week along with Hamburg, Munich and Miami for Art Basel. Ingrid’s also down with several art infused projects from working alongside Modeselektor DJ and Death Disco to music consulting for Diesel’s music project ( When asked if she’d ever want to start a music label, Ingrid perks up, gives a sly smile, but answers “No”. She loves music TOO much. Her music collective is deep enough to satisfy her palette for now. Ingrid’s schedule is packed full most days, but when its time to play in Berlin, she get’s it IN. Here are some of her faves:


– Wood Wood |
– Pale Blue Eyes |
- A.D.Deertz (ADD) |
– Paul’s Boutique |
- Schöneberg Flomarkt
Uslu Airlines |  www.usluairlines

Satisfied Palette:
– Dudu |
– Borchardt |
– Bandol Sur Mer |
– La Cocotte |
– Prater |

On Repeat Rotation:
– Bat for Lashes |
– Dancing Pigeons |
– Little Boots |
– Rye Rye |

New Music Prowl:
– Dazed & Confused |
– The Guardian |
– NME |
– Beats in Space |
– Hype Machine |
– Diesel UMusic |

Broken Hearts Club (BHC):

As for boy, they always suck. It’s, you know, like a biological thing but at least there are break-up songs to look forward to. Yes, that and meeting new boys who will eventually suck but at least you get your bubbles in somewhere in between. 😉

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