Bronze Yourself!

Contrary to belief, bronzers are not just for the pigment-challenged ladies anymore.  These products can easily create an even skin tone and a sun-kissed, “summery” appearance for everyone. Through matte or shimmering hues of gold and red, you can grab a look of warmth and a “back-from the beach” glow in mere minutes. Here’s how to get your own “healthy” look!
Determine your Skin Type:
It is important to choose a bronzer type that is right for you. Most come in the form of blush – powders, beads, creams, liquids, or lotion consistencies.

Cream-bases bring high-impact color and pigment to darker skin tones, but break down easily in oily skin types. Liquids would work best in this case. Try Prestige Summer Brilliance Luminous Liquid Bronzer with Moisturizing Orchid Flower Extract ($8, fine department stores). Mixing a powder -bronzer into your liquid foundation is another easy solution to enhancing the appearance of your natural skin hue, without looking as if you are wearing any makeup at all.

For bringing a natural glow to the dry – normal skin range, try a bronzing moisturizer or lotion, such as Neutrogena Summer Glow Daily Moisturizer ($ 8, drugstores), or Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel ($32, fine department stores).

Finding your Shade: The first thing to remember is to pick a bronzer that is right for your skin tone. Bronzers generally come in shades of light, medium, dark, or deep. To look sun-kissed, without appearing overly tanned, can become quite challenging. All bronzers have a true brown undertone. It can give a bruised or dirty appearance, if the wrong shade is chosen, especially if it is too dark.  Seek a bronzer that is one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Try Mac Bronzering Powder ($18, fine department stores) in golden, bronze, or beyond-bronze shades, or I-Iman Bronzer ($27, drug stores) in the shades bronzer #1 or bronzer #2.

Application: The key to natural, believable bronzer is all in the application. Apply to three main areas of your face: cheeks, forehead and chin. Make sure to blend well, and disperse evenly with a big, blush brush. It is best to start off with a light application, as you slowly decide what looks best on your skin tone.  You can always add more later, if desired, but a small amount can go a long way!

Using your bronzer as a blush can be easy, too.  Compliment your cheeks by keeping your remaining makeup at a minimum, with simplistic, sheer lips and warm eyes.


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