Café de la Mañana: 4.6.09

Leave it to my girl Robin Givhan to break-it-down “Love Jones” style. This week, the Washington Post columnist took a look at Madonna, Malawi and celebrity adoptions, noting Josephine Baker and her “rainbow tribe”—which ultimately contributed to her financial ruin. {WashPo}
North Korea launched a missile-rocket yesterday, much to the chagrin of the rest of the world. Pyongyang is so not sitting at the lunch table with everybody else this week. The launch failed but it still didn’t stop Obama from asking the U.N. for a smackdown! {Guardian}
Last Friday, Liverly Wong, a Vietnamese immigrant in Binghamton, NY opened fire in an immigrant counseling center, killing 12 people. He was depressed over a recent job-loss and his inability to master English. You did not have a bad week last week, trust me. {LAT}

Hmmmm, Google may be buying Twitter? Tweet on that! {Guardian}

Wow. Morgan Tsvangirai, the prime minister but not really of Zimbabwe suffered another family tragedy recently when his grandson was found dead in the family swimming pool. This comes right after his wife was killed in an auto-accident. Where is Mugabe…for reals? {Guardian}

While we were sleeping, at least 50 people died in an earthquake in Italy. {NYT}

Happy Monday mi gente!

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