Cafè Matí: 4.1.09


And you thought that Obama’s personal ride, The Beast was hardcore? Wait until you read about his traveling envoy. Marine One? Who knew. Sidenote: How cool is it to have a really, dare I say, sexy First Couple? We rock.  {BBC}

Wow. It seems that UK newspaper, the Guardian, will have the exclusivity of being the only Twitter-only publication, after just under 200 years as a print publication. How many people are you following? This is a change in history, no? OR IS THIS THE GUARDIAN’S APRIL FOOL’S JOKE????{ Guardian}

The latest victim of the economy fall? Your rich neighbor’s beloved leisure boat. Our waterways are beginning to look like nautical graveyards,lol. {NYT}

There is trouble brewing in the “Medieval Times” of the wild wild west. The re-enactor’s are going awol! {LATimes}

First tomatoes, then peanuts and now pistachios? If someone fucks with avocados, i’m moving. {Tribune}

If you think we have a lot to say about Rihanna and Chris Brown, wait until you hear what our teenaged compatriots have to say. {VillageVoice}

JBaker is excited at the possibilities, and the hints of warmer weather. Bring on 70 degreeez! Anytime now.

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