Champion Sound: Buraka Som Sistema Brings Kuduro Stateside

If you want to torture me, lock me in a room, blast Buraka Som Sistema, and then tell me if I start dancing to the Lisbon-based, dance heavy, tribal sounds, I will be electrocuted. Listen to guest MC Pongo Love repeating “Wegue… Wegue, Wegue, Wegue” on the song “Kalemba” or watch the Summer 2008 hit dance video for “Sound of Kuduro” (feat. M.I.A., Puto Prata, Saborosa & Znobia) and you’ll agree that you can’t stop moving to this shit. BSS’s album Black Diamond just dropped last week, and yes I am listening to it right now and no I haven’t stopped moving since I pressed play. It’s like I’m in some kind of chair butt-wiggling, shoulder-popping trance.
Background Info: Buraka Som Sistema is a group of friends—Lil’ John, DJ Riot, Conductor and MC Kalaf an Angolan ex-pat—from the Lisbon suburb Buraca. The guys brings the sounds of West Africa and more specifically Angola’s kuduro scene to the masses, with some input from a slew of artists who wanna jump on board, including Diplo and Bonde Do role.

Why I’m pumped: While the reggaeton-esque, alarm-ringing tunes are not what I’d want to listen to on the ride home from the club, they will definitely get me to put down the remote, put on my freak-em dress and head to town in search of a party. Come tomorrow, Buraka Som Sistema brings its massive live show, complete with dancers that look like b-boys on acid, stateside for their North American tour.

Watch, “Sounds of Kuduro” & “Kalemba” after the jump:

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