Chrihanna Update: Chris Appears in Court, Pleads Not Guilty

I know that Chris Brown is scheduled to appear in court out in Los Angeles today – everyone seems to be foaming in anticipation – but then I read this piece on ABC stating that he’s pleading not guilty to his felony charges.
“I would expect Chris Brown’s lawyer to enter a plea of not guilty on behalf of Mr. Brown and the case set will be set for a preliminary hearing probably in the next few weeks.”

Yes, you read that right. Though we have all seen the photo of Rihanna’s bruised face, this kid is pleading not guilty. Word? Hm…how’s that going to bode for the inescapable “my name is Chris Brown and I’m against domestic violence” publicity run if he doesn’t own up to the charges in court?

UPDATE: Chris plead guilty in a nice black sweater…



image via Newsday

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