Drunk Driving is the New Black?

Over the past couple of weeks we have had four deaths tied to the sporting world by drunk driving. Most recently, a 22 year old Angel’s pitcher and two friends were killed on their way from a club in Fullerton, CA, by another drunken 22 year old who was driving on a license that was suspended for—wait for it—drunk driving.
This story brought me to tears. Not because I know anyone involved personally, but because I don’t understand what makes people so stupid as to take the lives of others into their drunken, wobbly hands. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I actually caused or got into an accident because I was too cheap to take a cab home after having a few too many. Especially since we all know how these types of accidents play out-the good person, who never harmed a soul is killed tragically, while the drunk who had nothing better to do walks away with little more than a busted lip. Shameful.

It’s sad. This kid by all accounts was popular in the clubhouse, and was finally able to live out his dream of pitching in the big leagues. His father flew out from their hometown to watch his son pitch six scoreless innings at home, only to be called out of his hotel room to identify his body.

The driver didn’t even have the decency to stick around and be accountable for his actions. He ran like the bitch he truly is, only to be picked up half an hour later. Was he running out to get one last drink before turning himself in? Or did he plan to go home and sleep it off and go on with his life? At least Donte Stallworth stuck around the scene of his accident.

The scary part about it, is that even if you value your life and those of others around you enough not to drive drunk, everyone doesn’t feel the same way or act accordingly. Those kids were just out having a good time and enjoying life-only to have this happen. It has put a serious damper on the start of the season. This is supposed to be the most glorious time of year! We should be busy blogging about CC Sabathia getting rocked by Baltimore (word?), and the Yankees starting out much as the Phillies did last year . Instead, we have postponed games, tributes and moments of silence around the league. More time wasted by the actions of some fool who didn’t know better than to stay from behind the wheel, and that is a crying shame.


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