Guiding Light Says ‘Bye-Bye’

This is getting worse everyday.  First King magazine, now this? CBS announced yesterday that Guiding Light which is also the longest running scripted program in television history will call it quits with its September 18 episode. With only 2.1 million viewers per episode, it had the lowest number of viewers than any other daytime program.  So instead of trying to make it work, they decided to give it the ax.  Over the years, everyone from Kevin Bacon, James Earl Jones, Calista Flockhart, Cicely Tyson and Allison Janey got their start on the soap.  Even Nia Long had her run in the early 90s!  So now what’s next?   Will we see more drop off in daytime programming?   It’s the end of an era…again.  I shed another tear.

More:  New York Times

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