kAMye Headed For Splitsville?

amber rose and trevon

Whatever happens, I just think it’s fun to watch her play dress up. Kinda like Rihanna before all of her madness…Anyway, Ambie’s rumored complaints in bullet points:

-Kanye is a nympho

-the sex is bad

-Ambie is stacking paper for her and Tiffany/Trevon in the BX and planning to use Ye’s money to catapult her career +

Word from Amber’s “friend”:

…the whole week she complained about how turned off she was about Kanye and the only reason she is still with him is to stack up money for her and her ex-girlfriend to have a better life together and hopefully get her career on the rise. She said Kanye is a nympho when it comes to sex and she constantly feels like a big old ape is on her back when they have sex.

When I asked Amber what did she tell Kanye she was back in Philly for, she said she told him “she was visiting her family and friends”. Kanye was blowing up her phone and calling and texting her at least twice an hour trying to figure out what she was doing. I noticed because I saw her constantly looking at her phone and turning away in disgust saying “look at this shit” and then turning to her ex-girlfriend and telling her how much she loves her and not Kanye.  And that she is doing this for them.


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