Lady GaGa, Eminem, Wayne, Ciara, Dream, Usher, Santi & Kid Sister (you’re welcome!)

GaGa’s long been my dirty little secret. My sexy dance teacher used to play “Starstruck” when we practiced – don’t ask – before “Pokerface” dropped.

Click here for GaGa’s “Viva La Vida” link! Here for Wayne’s “Spit” ft Kevin Rudolph, Here for Ciara’s “Lovers Thing” ft The “I wear my sunglasses ALL THE TIME” Dream, Here for Usher’s “Radar” and Here for DJs Diplo & Switch as Major Laser “Hold the line” ft Santigold and Mr. Lexx! Eminem + Kid Sis after the jump!

image via routenote, Thx NR, HER, Ill and OS!

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