Madge is Denied But Did WE Ever Accept Her Adoption?

madonna malawi

Madge in Malawi w/ David to see perspective adoptee, Madge at High Court for Adoption hearing.

Madonna wants to adopt a three year old girl from Malawi. Madonna goes to Malawi for the adoption hearings/process. Madonna is denied, citing perspective parents must reside in Malawi for 18 months. Madge can appeal the decision.

Above, like Bobbi said, are the goings-on in the last few days/weeks with Madge and Malawi. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of the whole ‘famous white person adopts sad little African child’ storyline. Sounds more like that 80’s show “Rags to Riches” or “Annie” but at least those kids were American born. As the child of a social worker, I’m fully aware that there are PLENTY of children here in the US that need a good home. But after a conversation with my girl Leela this week, I may have changed my mind, or at least opened up a bit more.

Leela is Nigerian and said that the kids will have a much better life with Madonna then they would in an orphanage. “Kids die in those places,” said Leela. “They’re parents leave them at the orphanage because they can’t afford to keep them. So they come by and visit from time to time.”

I thought, wow. Number one, that’s wild to not be able to afford to feed your child so you drop them off down the street and say ‘hi’ sometimes. Number two, does Madonna’s money and opportunity balance out how nuts it must be to deal with an aging pop star as your mother? Think Mommy Dearest.

Then I read this from AP: The U.N. says 1 million Malawian children have lost one or both parents, about half of them to AIDS, and estimates 18 million African children will have lost a parent to AIDS by 2010.

Now I’m torn. Maybe it’s better for children to have a family to care for them, than a staff. However, money isn’t everything and the psychological madness the adoptee might endure as a result of Madge’s paparazzi-driven life might be even more debilitating.

What do you think?


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