Maxwell Plays “BLACKsummers’night.” WORD

Radio has been buzzing with the release of Maxwell’s sensual single “Pretty Wings,” whetting everyone’s appetite for more from the dreamy soulman. On Wednesday, a select few finally got a taste of what’s to come at a listening party/news conference for his upcoming CD, BLACKsummers’night, which is due to come out July 7. There were plenty of big name media type folks in the room, as well as random celebs like Melyssa Ford, former New York Met Dwight Gooden and even the New York Giants’ Antonio Pierce.  It might seem like a long wait until his CD hits shelves on July 7, but hey, we’ve already waited almost eight years! Maxwell looked as dapper as ever as he explained the reasons behind his absence, how his recent tour informed his new music and why he wants folks to make babies to his new record. Given the sexy feel of the rest of the music, there will likely be a lot of BLACKsummers’night babies in the future.


Watch the video Ms. Nekesa filmed at the press conference on her blog, nekesamumbi.blogspot.com. Enjoy!

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