Swine Flu: Mexico City Doctor Explains, Advises

Guanabee spoke to Dr. John Mauser, who’s been a doctor in Mexico for 30 years, about what’s really going on with Swine Flu.

Guanabee: So, tell us. How do you think the swine flu got started?

Dr. Mauser: In a small town in Veracruz called Perote, they breed pigs and it seems the pigs got a swine influenza…From that, 400 people were infected–the whole town. It surged by the end of March and Veratect, a company that does bio-surveillance, notified the World Health Organization around April 2nd, but no one paid attention until it spread to Mexico City.

Guanabee: Are you scared?

Dr. Mauser: No, not at all. I don’t even use a face mask.
I would love to be the owner of the company that produces those face masks and the medical labs that make the cold medicine.

Guanabee: We guess those guys are having a good day. Anything you advise?

Dr. Mauser: Avoid handshakes, kissing, sharing untensils, crowded places, sneeze into the crook of your elbow. Keep kitchen utensils very clean. And take some Emergen-C. Do you have that there?…Take one of those everyday.

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