Midtown Mark? Soho Sanchez? We’ll see…

So the Jets traded up to get the #5 pick in the draft, and took USC QB Mark Sanchez.  Not really a shock considering how many people have been talking about the Jets being “In Love” with his arm. So much so that they wined and dined him in LA, gave him a formal interview, and courted him like he was the new hot chick in the office.

Am I going out to buy a Sanchez jersey? No. I’m sticking to just plain green, or Chrebet until further notice. This is me having a bad relationship moment. You know the kind. Your dude pissed you the hell off. You’re kind of over it, and he sends flowers-but you have allergies. I’m still blown about how things ended last season. Me and “should be great” QBs are not exactly going to be sharing a falafel anytime soon.

He certainly is enjoying his time in the city before heading off to Jersey for camp. He worked out at Columbia University, threw out the first pitch at a Mets game, and even took the train.

We Jets fans seem to be landing in two different camps on this one. I’ve had several people talk about going to the “chip”-I see you Chris, some just happy they got a top prospect-I see you too Kiya, and I’ve had people talk about him being the next Jay Cutler-like my daddy dearest.

The thing is, I don’t think he’ll be like either one.  My confidence in the Jet’s ability to effectively use talent at the QB position went out the window after seeing the lackluster play calling for the QB formerly known as my Brett, and watching Chad Pennington flourish in Miami.

I’m hoping for a Flacco-esque season.  Hopefully, he’ll come in, learn the playbook and protect the ball. He doesn’t have some great O-Line to stand behind, and his current running back is 31 years old. He also doesn’t have a prototype #1 wideout.

Luckily, the Jets did go out and pick up some other cats to fill the voids in. The other two dudes they drafted (Shonn Greene and Matt Slausson) should make the team, and they signed a shitload of UFA’s-you never know with these guys. WC was a UFA.

Yeah. I’m still stung. Stung but hopeful. Just like I am every spring and summer. I promise love football. I just wish it loved me back sometimes.

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