Morning Coffee: 3.7.09

Oh, it’s not what you think! It’s Holy Week in Spain! See this sites here.

In Italy, the body count from Sunday’s earthquake has risen to a little more than 150. Our prayers go out to all affected. {IHT}

The Associated Press is taking legal action against news agregators like Google, Yahoo….and THIS one, alleging that they have a right to revenue generated when sites repurpose their content. Ummm…hi AP! We aren’t profitable..AT ALL! Umm yeah. {NYT}

If you are like me, your day begins with a cup of coffee. Taking away said coffee can have dire consequences, hence the need to read this article if you are thinking about jumping off the caffeine wagon. {CNN}

Really? Bodyguards watching over the “official” nuptials of Giselle Bündchen and Tom Brady in Costa Rica opened fire on paparazzi. No pictures please. {Times}

Ooohh! Congratulations to the UNC Tarheels, winners of the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions!

J.Baker misses late night Anejo Especial, Coppelia, Linea and Osita.

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