Morning Coffee: 4.8.09

Meet the some of the faces of hip-hop coming from the middle east, where the term ‘drop bombs’ has an entirely different meaning. {LAT}

Like Twitter? Start a protest, it worked in Maldova. Like Kenrya said, we got a lot to be mad at right now. {NYT}

During the G20 protest, a protester by the name of Ian Tomilson died by the hands of police. Are you ready to stnad for what you believe? {Guardian}

Not to be outdone by Iowa, Vermont also believes in the right to all people, including gays to finally marry. Can we make it federal and catch up with our northern neighbor? {LAT}

Since Obama is in Europe right now, members of the Congressional Black Caucus decided to meet with Fidel & Co. to talk about Cuban/American relations. {MH}

JBaker is tired, but managed to raise money for deserving women last night. Go Charity!

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