Morning Coffee 4.13.09


He’s here! The Obama’s have picked their dog, his name is Bo and he’s a six month old Portugese water dog.Word on the street said it was either Bo or Charlie for a name but Bo won out. SIDENOTE: I love that the black first family has a black first dog. Give me some power, black power that is. FIST! [WH]

US military snipers killed three pirates and captured a fourth while rescuing a ship captain whose vessel was overtaken by the Somali pirates. Unfortunately, the way the US media is covering the story, it looks like this incident will quietly brew into a color x culture issue, where Somalia is vilified without tracking back exactly what made Somalia such a desolate place, which encourages young men to become pirates. Hm… [WashPo]

Not feeling angry anymore? A survey says being angry at the recession/depression is so passe… [MSNBC]

Big Boi and Outkast continue to depress me. =0( [HER]

Solid perfume? I could work with that…does it maintain it’s scent longer? [F]

Hi Ladies! I just got back from Rotterdam & Amsterdam and I LOVED it! The waffles were tastier than I remembered, the weed was fantastically smooth and the folks of color were a plenty – in Rotterdam anyway. I hosted several panels at the New Skool Rules conference for hip-hop’s international business, almost had to slice some new disrespectful and mediocre rapper (?) but you know how it goes. Kick the truth to the young ignorant youth. I missed you ladies! *waves furiously*

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