Morning Coffee 4.17.09

My new bank – so emotional, I had WaMu, I miss WaMu – JPMorganChase and it’s fellow money maker Goldman Sachs have been the only banks making significant profit, however analysts say that will end soon. [R]

The Somoli pirate that was captured by the US is going to trial…in America? This makes no sense to me because the pirate isn’t an American citizen AND his crime was committed in international waters. Does this makes sense to you? [G]

Four guys who started a file-sharing network called Pirate Bay, which was/is against coprights, are awaiting the verdict in their criminal case for copyright infringement (of course). *shrugs* I still miss Napster to be honest. No program since then has been as thorough, expeditious or efficient. RIP. [BBC]

John Madden retired. WOW. In football terms, this is like Oprah – in 40 years – hanging up the mic. HUGE. [AP]

Happy Friday! It’s 70 in NYC today, I’m going to be freelancing in the park. Word.

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