Morning Coffee: 4.2.09


Holla! US Politicians are banding together at a meeting today to discuss lifting the travel ban to Cuba! Of course the old Miami guard is opposed, but the younger crowd is like “hell yeah!” Let’s see what happens shall we? Hey Osita! {Guardian}

According to Israel’s new foreign minister, we can forget about peace in the Middle East through discussion. {NYT}

Human rights activist, Lev Ponomaryov, 67, leader of the organization For Human Rights was brutally attacked outside his home in Russia yesterday. Sixty-seven? Really Putin? {BBC}

Comedienne Wanda Sykes is in talks to get her own late-night talk show. Please be better than Jimmy Fallon, please. {Reuters}

Epic Ahhhh! Project Runway has finally gotten their legal act together and will finally air this summer on the Lifetime network. Fierce! {EW}

Ahhh Thursday! One step closer to Friday….wait…I work for myself…everyday is Saturday!

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