Morning Coffee: 4.21.09

Move over Miley, Malia and Sasha are the new tween sensation….bishes! [WashPo]

Yesterday, as we mentioned was the first day of the UN’s follow-up conference on racism, in which Britian and other EU nations walked out during Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s address when he launched a rant speech against Israel and the Holocaust….after everyone knew he was going to do it. Big surprise eh? I doubt that if we swap out Israel with Cambodia that the same reaction would have occurred. [Guardian]

Los Angeles is experiencing a heatwave – us New Yorkers are sending evil wishes to them right now. [LAT]

Speaking of the UN, you can now access their world digital library online. To quote KRS-One “you must learrrrn!” [WashPo]

The father of “Slumdog Millionaire” child star, Rubina Ali has been accused of trying to sell her. Ultimate stage dad. [HuffPo]

Wait. Little Wayne is going on “The View”…WIN! [Woohah]

JBaker is on a full scale attack.

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