Morning Coffee 4.22.09

Happy earth day! What are you going to do for the world today? I’m taking out my recylcing, lol…

I want to read this book: “This Child Will Be Great” by Africa’s first female president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. She was on the “Daily Show” last night, and made DS host Jon Stewart a cheif, another reason to love him.

In the UK when a journalist lies/embellishes on their subject, its MUCH easier for the slandered individual to sue for libel (essentially claiming said journo has damaged their character). Comedian Sasha Baron Cohen just won a favorable verdict in a libel suit against him, clearing the path for waaaay more ridiculousness in his new film, Bruno. [NYT]

Friends and family of the Craigslist killer – a 23 year old second year medical student, Philip Markoff, who’s engaged to be married and also accused of robbing and tying up women who sell sex on the everything website, Craigslist – swear it’s a mix-up. [BG]

Here’s Kid Cudi’s mixtape, Dat Kid From Cleveland. I broke from Drakey and Karen O to listen for awhile, and I’m not madd. I’m also – though I’m counting my pennies – going to cop Curren$y’s amalgam LP, This Ain’t No Mixtape. I like these kids. hi-five new music that’s good!

*pushing through the wayne/nyquil haze, this cold should be done by today, please lord*

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