Morning Coffee 4.23.09

Word says that Condi and Cheney OK’d waterboarding prisoners. We’re so surprised because we’re not. [CNN]

If only I had this iPhone in line at LaGuardia airport last week. No matter, Apple removed the “Baby Shaker” app that simulates you shaking a baby until it stops crying, or dies apparently whatever comes first. Smh… [SFGate]

A suicide bomber in Iraq has killed up to 22 people, including himself. [ABC]

The UN is urging the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka to surrender and allow the people trapped in the war zone flee for their safety. The Tamil Tigers aren’t really into that… [Alj]

Looks like Jacob Zuma is the new pres in South Africa – but now he has to choose a first lady from his numerous wives. Life is hard. [G]

Morning! Sorry MC is late – I decided to go out last night and you know how THAT goes…image via Daily Mail

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