Morning Coffee 4.24.09

We may be on the way to developing the “super cow” that doesn’t release methane or ‘greenhouse gases.’ Is that a good thing? Don’t we need that for photosynthesis or something? I’m sayin’- why can’t Bessie just be Bessie? [BBC]

Bo is “CRAZY!” sez First Lady Michelle Obama. Bo and my girl Chloe’s dog, Armani, should get together and have a party. lol. Eat somebody’s couch. [CT]

J.Lo is back and dressing up for no apparent reason. New outfits! YAY!!! I love stars that actually live the dream of new outfits, etc. Impress me! [Lossip]

Those two journos, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, in N. Korea that we told you about are being indicted. Smh. Do something Al Gore! They worked for CurrentTV! [MSNBC]

So remember when Bobbi told you about Paraguay’s Pres Fernando Lugo who was supposed to clean up his country’s corrupt politics but ended fathering a child with a super young woman while he was ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHIP??? Um, two more women have come forward and there’s rumored to be many more on the ‘pipeline’. LOL!!! Take that Bill Clinton! [G]

image via neilestrickgallery.SURPRISE!!! = good morning song #1, good morning song #2. heart.

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