Morning Coffee 4.27.09

I don’t know what you were doing on Friday, but after my cousin reminded me, I was watching Lil Wayne trade diamond toothed advice with Sheri Shepard of “The View.” So, so weird… [MIS]

Mexican tourism is notes at 20% decline due to violence read: numerous unclaimed decapitated corpses and swine flu. Go figure. [NYT]

Today, Facebook has opened itself up to third-party developers, meaning if you are OK with someone using your photos and videos – this is a good thing? [CNET]

Did you know someone could have a “Twitter Revolution”? It happened in the Moldovan capital, Chisinua, where the many thought that recent election, which ended with the Communist party in power, was rigged so they orgaznized a protest via text message, blogs and other social networking sites…three hours = 15,000 people. [BBC]

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