Morning Coffee: 4.29.09


The calling to do away with Ulysses S. Grant and put Frederick Douglass on the $50 bill.  Okay….  []

We at Parlour like to pride ourselves in bridging the global community via the Web.  However a few sites are turning away from certain types of global traffic unless it can turn a profit.  Facebook is increasingly popular in Turkey and Indonesia while You Tube’s audience has doubled in India and Brasil. But if companies can’t find a way to make money from them,  they would rather cut them off. [New York Times]

Over the past few weeks, Complex mag has asked YOU to vote on who you think is the most stylish guy in hip hop.  Now it’s down to the final two: Hov and Ye. Who will you choose?  []

European country introduces new stainless steel douche… I don’t know about you, but I’ll pass.  [Jezebel]

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