Morning Coffee 4.30.09

The critics hate X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I actually liked it…it comes out May 1, but I watched it a few weeks ago…on bootleg. Sorry mom. (+ the animated Wolvy looks so much cooler than Hugh Jackman…just saying) [Reuters]

Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Baaaass of “Gossip Girl”, dishes on NYC society. [G]

The Kenyan Women’s Development Organisation coalition is going on a week-long sex strike – they’re even threatening to pay prostitutes to join their cause- unless the male-dominated government unifies. LMAO. I LOVE these stories, last time it was Italian women witholding until their dudes stopped using illegal fireworks– no pun intended. [BBC]

Like when I half-jokingly called my ex-bosses daughter a disease mule, looks like the kiddies are the first to spread the SF around NYC. Be careful ladies. [NYT]

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