Ms. Skeptical Does Republica Argentina!

As winter is waning in my old ‘hood here in Buenos Aires summer is gently receding. I don’t think I brought nearly enough sweaters and the vegan in me is bruised black and blue, but I’m ready to try this city on for size.
Argentina’s population and culture has been heavily shaped by European immigrants, particularly those from Italy and Spain, and the architecture is robbed straight from the streets of Paris. But, there is still plenty of tried-and-true South American tradition here as well. For disjointed commentary from a fuzzy California perspective – remember, I’m from San Diego, check out the blog.

I usually tackle all things related to women’s health, but for my BA Parlour kick-off post I thought I would start with a quick, broad political picture and share the Kirchner update from the streets. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner took office in December 2007 succeeding her husband. As president she is currently rocking a 30% approval rating. She raised taxes on farm exports a year ago and things have been all down hill for her since. She moved forward this year’s mid-term election citing the world financial crisis in an effort to hold on to power. The election takes the focus off the disgruntled farmers and gives anti-Kirchner parties less time to organize. Most Argentines I have spoken with aren’t big Cristina fans. She can’t seem to get it right, not that the economic crisis is really working in her favor. The folks here are angry, but only the farmers are riot-ready. We shall see what the elections in June will bring.

Ms. Skeptical

Ms. Skeptical is reporting from Argentina’s capital where she will be based for the next year.  Check out the rest of her posts here.

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