My Post-Ray J Addiction: Real Housewives JERSEY!

This one is going to be gooooood. Outside of the ghetto Atlanta edition, I’ve never been too much into the “Real Housewives” franchise of reality shows. I’ve seen enough silicone in my lifetime and watching desperate women clamor for the title of “socialite” and wonder why their kids don’t listen to them gets old after a while. But with the addition of the New Jersey series, and after watching the preview, I think i’m going to be hooked. Jerz features two sisters with mob ties, one chick that has phone sex with a guy called “Guccimodel” , women that call their breasts “bubbies” and some Soprano like feuds that are going to make the New York City chicks look like Page-Six wimps. Since the Orange County women had oranges, the Atlanta women had peaches and the NY women had apples as their little fruit, I wonder what New Jersey’s fruity gimmick will be? I say they keep it real with some broken bottles or something. The fuckery starts May 11th. Watch the preview after the jump!


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