New Vid: Invincible “Ropes” feat. Tiombe Lockhart

So what happens when your video, a creative and introspective look at mental health, gets picked up by MTVU…and then gets dropped for being “too problematic, due to suicidal undertones”? You just debut it on mad sites around the blogesphere. Check out one of the most underrated female emcees out there, Detroit’s Invincible as she partners with Tiombe [for reals, did u download ‘Cubic Zirconia‘ yet?] and director/emcee/backpack legend Mr. Complex for her single “Ropes”. After watching the vid, we can’t see how they can let the current roster play on the channel (some really make us want to kill ourselves) while choosing to cut one that actually adresses an issue that their core demographic is familiar with.  So….she recut the video with a personal message about her ordeal with the Viacom machine. Pop the hood to peep the vid:_

The real sad thing is that Coney Island will never be the same…

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