New Walls in Rio Meant to Protect or Segregate?

Brazilian officials announced plans this week to build 10 feet high concrete walls around 40 favelas by end of year in an effort to save the rainforests?  The project, which will cost the country $17m will be developed so that the city’s “lush green forest” will be protected from further development.   All of this because the residents of Rio’s favelas are of so much more a danger to Brazilian rainforests than, say, large corporations who have been destroying the area’s natural resources for years, right?  

Many Brazilians feel as though this is just a chance for the government to segregate the city’s poor from the wealthy.  If you have ever been to Rio, you would see the proximity of the favelas to the wealthier parts of town.  Not much different than what we see in the United States.  Imagine if the US government decided to build a wall around the seedy blocks in Harlem to protect our natural resources found in plush Central Park.  Does this make sense?

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