On the Horizon: Nicole Beharie


Monday night, I attended a screening for American Violet, a new film based on true events during the 2000 election where armed police in a small Texas town conducted a series of raids in a low income housing project in an effort to “arrest” falsely accused residents to meet their monthly crime-fighting quotas.

The film featured everyone from Alfre Woodard and Charles S. Dutton to Anthony Mackie and Xzibit. But the highlight of the film was its main star, breakthrough actress Nicole Beharie. To say her performance was stellar would be an understatement. It was refreshing to see a NEW brown face on the screen as opposed to the old faithfuls: Sanaa, Gabby Union, Nia Long, etcetera, etcetera…. Beharie brought an innocence and raw delivery that any other actress would have struggled to achieve. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next. Finally, some fresh blood!!

American Violet will be in theaters April 17 nationwide. I encourage you to see the film at your local theater. You won’t be disappointed.

Read more here: http://www.americanviolet.com/

Here’s the trailer:

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