SEX DRIVE: Double your Pleather


A friend of mine recently put me on to $pread Magazine, a magazine by sex workers for sex workers. In browsing $pread‘s blog and talking to my friend, I’ve learned that the magazine is a voice for activism in the sex industry, working to legitimize the profession and break the attached stereotypes. $pread’s blog led me to an article on Fox about more and more women becoming dominatrixes to make ends meet, which pissed the $pread author, Vixen, off (I know, I know, Fox kind of pisses us all off.)

The Fox news article reads:

“With “kink” more mainstream than ever, educated, professional women are putting on their leather. And they have many wondering: What’s the appeal of being a dominatrix?”

…Becoming a dominatrix — a female who takes a dominant role in bondage, discipline, domination and submission — is an attractive option for these women because:

— It offers the convenience of early or night-shift work

— It enables cute women with bodies bigger than the Barbie-esque figure desired of strippers to work in the sex industry

— It provides a woman with the opportunity to flog some of the bankers responsible for the current financial mess

But the fact that they are able to avoid intercourse is the main reason your “average” women in need of cash are going this route.


Vixen’s response to the Fox News story call’s it “irresponsible”:

“As hip as some reporters like to portray kink as being, most of the dommes I know aren’t completely out of the closet. Unfortunately for many there is a stigma attached to the work. Many are worried about losing their mainstream job or their kids or friends if they’re kink side were found out. Simply brushing over the stigma issue by acting like kink is more mainstream is irresponsible.”

My response to all of this:
After living in New York for eight years and having friends who have worked in various aspects of the sex industry, I feel privileged to even have a kindergarten-level understanding of the sex industry. I assume that most people get their sex work information from HBO specials like “Hookers at the Point.” I agree with Vixen that it is a little “irresponsible” to write an article for a mainstream news organization without offering all of the appropriate information. However, throwing the idea out there into the mainstream could get more people to look at dominatrix work as a legitimate way to earn some cash. And while I’ve never thought to throw on some leather and and pack chains in my purse (submission is my thing and I would probably pay someone to kidnap me, since I’ve had no willing volunteers.), I’d tell any one of my girls “good luck and be careful” if she chose to be a domme.

On a side note, the Fox article insinuates that dominatrix work might be better than other sex work because “they are able to avoid intercourse.” I don’t know where I stand on this one. Intercourse is not something that I could share with anyone, but I’d hate to think that I regard myself as “better” than someone who has intercourse listed in their job description.

So, ladies I have questions:

What are your thoughts on dominatrix work?

Have you thought of becoming a dominatrix on the side to increase your cash flow? Would you, after reading this post?

Does the “fact that dominatrixes are able to avoid intercourse” make the job more appealing to you?

P.S. The FOX reporter calls herself the FOXSexpert, and that’s kinda cheesy.

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