Sex Drive: Missed Opportunities

Some years back, my boyfriend at the time’s best friend (we’ll call him Jake) cheated on his girlfriend (let’s call her Sarah). When I asked my boyfriend what happened, he said Sarah had become cold to Jake and noted an incident when Jake tried to go down on Sarah in the morning as she was getting ready work and she shooed him away.

Let me start by saying that I am not justifying Jake’s infidelity. That story always stuck with me as a reminder to take advantage of the little impromptu sex breaks you get. Break up the daily hustle with a little “Afternoon Delight.” Let your man kiss all over your ass while you put your make-up on in the morning. Duck behind a gate, tree, wall, etc. and shove your hands down the front of his pants on your way to the train. And I know we posted a recent Sex Drive that warned against teen sexting (sending suggestive pictures via text message), but girl you’re grown; Sext away!

Sex Drive is short and sweet this week. Have a happy weekend of sexting, sucking, twiddling and twitterpating (ref: Disney’s Bambi). Spring is in the air and sex is on the brain!

image by teointarifa for Love Pictures

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