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Image and video hosting by TinyPicWe could all probably live a lot better without email spam. Those notes from the Hon. Nigerian ex-finance subprime minister Chike Olu Ogeshi Chinweizu that you have $8.4 trillion waiting for you in a bank in Zimbabwe (which means it’s actually 84 cents), if only first, you send his Highness your bank account info; or, the ones about making your breasts fuller, or your penis larger, or magic pills that will help you lose weight — yeah it’s all criminally annoying. But now Mother Nature is saying she could live a lot better without the spam too.

A research study from McAfee, the “Carbon Footprint of Spam,” claims that globally over 33 billion kilowatt-hours of energy is used in a year in the transmission, processing and filtering of spam emails — equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of over 3 million cars. It’s enough energy to power 2.4 million homes, says the report, and most of that energy is consumed just through us deleting or clicking through emails looking for real messages.

You gotta admit, it’s a clever PR move by McAfee, makers of computer antivirus and security software.

With the threat of global warming, and environmentalism putting its swag on, lately every business wants a piece of the new green movement, so that they can move more green(dollars) into their accounts. So, if they can show that they are being enviro-conscious, then that edges them out over competitors like Norton.

Still, I’m looking for the report that gets to the source of the problem and just puts the spammers out of business. Like, what’s the nuclear option for this problem if its such a drain on the earth?

The report already identifies the major spam source, something called McColo, saying that when they disabled it for a day spam volume dropped 70 percent. Why not just put McColo out of our misery and shut it down for good? And while they’re at it, they should a figure out a way to put an end to the “if you don’t forward this to 10 more people you will die getting hit by a Mack truck” emails too.

-Be Mock’D

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