Steely D’s I Just Like This: F.L.Y. & J Money

Blame it on my ATL boys Stix and DJ Holiday– who said and I quote, “I think Gucci Mane is very lyrical.” LMAO!!! And then Holiday called NYC’s ‘Soho’…’Sobo,’ he’s adorable. Anyway, the guys were visiting NYC this week so we hit the club, One – ugh, hopefully never again for this party girl – and Holiday persuaded DJ Clue to actually spin some good music. Clue seems like a nice guy, but damn if he’s not an AWFUL DJ. So bad…playing Daft Punk for a crowd that just wanted to hear “Who Dat.” Really Clue? Anyway…

Here are two of the songs I wanted you ladies to hear. Ignorant but FUN…F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz) “Swag Surfin” is up top, then J. Money’s “First Name, Last Name” is below. Money may be the new Jeezy- I heard Def Jam was trying to sign him and then Universal Motown’s Sylvia Rhone and Universal Republic’s Monte Lipman got in the negotiations and drove up the price. lol…Honestly, I think that UR should sign F.L.Y. to a singles deal and make that quick money because this beat is catchy as hell. J. Money may be best at DJ because he probably needs more development. Thoughts ladies?

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