Steely D’s “I Just Like This Kid”: Theophilus London

On this edition of Steely D’s “I Just Like This Kid,” I present to you Theophilus London. He’s a youngster from Brooklyn, born to a Trinidadian DJ father and uber-religious mother. Sporting skinny jeans, big glasses, denim jackets and a cardboard camera around his neck – he’ll be trademarking that soon – the 23 year old is a cross between a rapper and a singer, but not in the way of Drake. Instead, Theophilus is a bit more electro mashed with rock in the chorus’ he writes. His first release, This Charming Mixtape, dropped in January and he nicked his photo cover from Elvis Costello’s This Years Model album art. Says he wanted to make it more “dangerous.” Actually, I think Costello looks more like he could be a killer and Theophilus…ehn, not so much. Instead you just kinda want to hug him during dinner. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, enjoy!

Click here to listen to This Charming Mixtape here

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