Tea in the Afternoon 4.2.09

Wayne does Rolling Stone. [NR]

Finally the rest of the world agrees! Voicemail is DEAD. Just email or text me people. Unless your mommy or Granny and then you get a pass. [NYT]

Oh shit! So the movie Wolverine leaked and 20th Century Fox called in the FBI SONNN! This is like when the guys moon the dance in Grease and the principle threatens them…lol. [BBC]

I think John McCain is trying to make me like him, he’s asking US Pres Obama to clear Jack Johnson’s name. Stop it John, stop it! [USAT]

So, this Reverend walks into a bar…kidding. But seriously folks, Episcopal minister Ann Holmes Redding was defrocked recently because she’s been secretly practicing Islam for the last three years. “Had anyone told me in February 2006 that I would be a Muslim before April rolled around, I would have shaken my head in concern for the person’s mental health,” said Redding. [CNN]

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