The Friday Flick: Observe And Report

{Note: I am a total slacker and forgot to throw this up on Friday!! But it’s the weekend…go out!! – JBaker}

Hey, Parlour readers! I am The Modest Bastard with my inaugural installment of “The Friday Flick.” This week’s flick is the Seth Rogen comedy Observe And Report.

Written and directed by Jody Hill, who also wrote and directed the hilarious Foot Fist Way, the film stars Rogen as a bi-polar mall cop (No Paul Blart references here… damn) who lives with his alcoholic moms and spends his days chasing a stalker and the dimwitted blond of his dreams. Peep the trailer below:

Best described as a dark comedy akin to Bad Santa, Observe And Report may be an acquired taste… even for fans of the Knocked Up star. But if you like your humor sick than I highly suggest checking out… I know I will.

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