The Kodak eyeCamera 4.1…And The Joke’s On Us

I really wish that this wasn’t a joke…but clearly the Kodak corporation has a sense of humour. For April fools day they introduced the eyeCamera 4.1, basically what photographers have been dreaming about since the dawn of time. A photographic -extension of the eye, ie technology that most would kill for. What really gets me are the features listed, some of them are clearly bogus…but so needed:

“What you see is what you get” Viewfinder – Now you can take that photo at the exact moment you see that special scene. Don’t try this while driving as objects may be closer than they appear.

Facial Recall Assistant – We have all been there…you are at a party, “I know her. Oh, geesh, she is coming this way…Hello, er, um…” How embarassing. Well, worry no more…

Image Stabilizer – After a glass of wine or two, this feature will ensure that all of your photos are razor sharp, maybe even sharper than you remember.

Selective Auto-Focus & Zoom – See something you like? Just look, focus, zoom & snap! This is a new feature so use it wisely. It might get you in trouble at the beach so practice at home first.
Wink and Shoot Shutter
– Taking photos is now as easy as a winking! We use our patented eyeVu technology to activate only on a wink, not a blink. When you have a cold and are sneezing it is advised you not wear your KODAK eyeCamera 4.1 or you will get pictures of your feet (think about it).

Digital X-Ray Vision – No way? Yes way! In partnership with the Superman Corporation located in the Fortress of Solitude, we co-developed this amazing feature at a bargain price. But remember, even though you will be able to see through walls and closed doors you will not be able to walk through them.

Panoramic Mode – Achieved merely by employing classic Kodak ease-of-use and turning one’s head 360- degrees

The KODAK eyeCamera 4.1 is social media compatible so you will be able to stream your life 24×7! Easy photo uploads to Facebook, Flickr, KODAK Gallery, and Twitter are a snap. Now you can impress your friends with an endless stream of photos to accompany the running commentary of text updates you currently provide.

A good joke indeed…now can we actually make one of these?

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