Then There Was Berlin

germany-berlin-wallBerlin, a mid-size city of approximately 3.4 million people in Eastern Germany is best known for its powerful and world-shaping political history (ie. WWII, Hitler, Berlin Wall, etc.) as well as its celebrated history in cultivating the Marlene Dietrich‘s of film to music, literature, visual arts, and fashion. Today, the city boasts one of the liveliest party scenes in the world, skewing more electronica but also maintaining its pulse on all things music. Don’t mess with Germans and their Salsa.
City-wide sports include swimming, table fussball (serious stuff here), bicycle riding – everywhere (I like to ride from my bed to the bathroom) and most importantly ‘conspicuous carriageanous’, a term I coined simply stating the mere obsession of procreating miniature ‘bibsters’ (future hipsters like their parents) to trophy around in these outrageous, space-mongoring, rickshawesque carts tagged to the back of a bicycle or pushed by mama or papa. It’s horrifying really. I have anxiety attacks just thinking about Frau Schwengel not having fastened the cart securely, making a sharp turn that results in losing the kids in the cart and tossing them down the street into NeverNeverLand. Yikes. “Sucks to be you, you, you, and…” I would say, pointing at all 50 kids in the carriage. But I digress.

Berlin’s 70% green filled with beautiful trees and grass to make Mister Rogers levitate out of his grave and come here. Neighborhoods are beautiful in their own right. Graffiti graces most buildings in Berlin becoming an everflowing fabric never leaving your sight as it touches you in such a provacative and romantic way. It’s art. Simple.

As Berlin starts to defrost from winter, I’m left with many activities to indulge in. The Germans, oh Gott bless their souls, warned me of the evil, evil Berlin winters. “Oh bananas crapanas,” I said. I’m from NYC (my elixer to all challenges). Well, it’s March 12th and I have survived winter but barely escaped unscathed. Months of gray overcast with little to no sun, cold drizzly rain and splendid, unlimited amounts of time with myself – yes, yours truly – nearly drove me mad but I had awesome friends and some old (but good) Berliner beats in heavy rotation to keep me sassy and happy, here are a few. Beats, not friends:

* Popular Damage
* Modeselektor
* Peter Fox
* Little Boots from the UK

Enjoy the tunes and more to come! Especially the juicy stuff like love and dating in Berlin and crap like that. Really, its been crap. But good crap nonetheless. Saucy!


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