Time to GROW Up

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Unlike many of the tourist-ocracy these days, I’m not on Dubai’s nuts. It seems like just another Disney-fied pleasure island, yet another place where one may obscenely over-indulge and grossly over-excess-ivize (yeah, I made that word up; deal with it) to one’s over-extended credit’s desire. That said, I never been there, so I could be dead wrong.

But, if I did go, I’d have to stay at the Klimpon Helix Hotel in Zayed Bay, envisioned by Leeser Architects, when it finally arises. As you see, this is no ordinary hotel, with no conventional floor or room layout. It looks like a slinky and is designed to kinda inhale the sea breeze off the Persian Gulf for true, natural air conditioning … But that ain’t even the coolest part.

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The coolest is how it generates it’s powered through GROW panels, which convert sun rays and wind into energy, which would make this one of the most energy efficient buildings in the world. The owners’ electric bill will hardly exist.

I won’t front — I was basically a whore for Marriott hotels the past few  years — giving them a brand loyalty I’ve not given anyone since my old ‘Lo-Guess-Timberland days. But I stayed at the Klimpon’s Rouge Hotel in D.C. last weekend (shout out to Lauren, Patrick, Russ, Ryan and the NABJ mob!). The theme was simple — red, meaning all red walls, ceilings, bedding and even exclusively red wine. Honestly, at times I felt like I was in the hotel from The Shining, with the blood running down the halls.  But the layout and decor was fly as hell.

But damn the red. I’m looking to get into this green thing in Dubai.

-Be Mock’D

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